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    Haali Fayinna looni keessani issin yadeesaa jira?
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    Gorsa nyaata lukku argachuuf
    Nuuf bilbilla
    09 241-45848
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    Loon Keessaniif ofeeganno taasisa
    Horsisa anaani gaha argachuuf loon keessan maal nyachu qabu?
    ofeeganno gaha gochu
    Qoricha belada itti fayadama
    haala qulqulinna dalla looni
    Nyaani looni Madalama fi bu'a qabessa tahu hubadha
    Dalla loon keessani akkamiti akka qabdan
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    Horsisa Lukkutiif kununsa gochuu
    Lukkun maal nyaachu qabdi?
    Kunuunsa gaha lachuu
    Qoricha barbachisa taa'ee faayadamu
    haala qulqulina siriiti eguu
    Nyaata gaha fi Madalamma laachufi
    Ofeegano Mana lukkutiif gochu

Tajaajila Fayyaa Beeyiladaa

Tajaajila fayya fi haala kunuunsa Misooma beeliyadaa nii keenina.Tecknolojiiti fayyadammun Oomisha fi oomishtimma beeyiladaa guddisu dhaan; nyaata Madalamma gaha fi haala jirenya ummata keenya jijiruuf nii hojena.

Bu'a Horsiisa beeliyada jijiruun haala jirenya ummata jijirudha. 09 241-45848 Nuuf bilbilla!

Tajaajila Fayya Beeyilada

Horsiisa Looni

tajaajila fayya loon keesanif

kunuunsa foya'a keenufi

Gorsa haala fayya

Horsiisa Lukkuu

Tajaajila Fayya

kunuunsa foya'a keenufi

Gorsa haala fayya

Waldhansa Sarree

Tajaajila Fayya

kunuunsa foya'a keenufi

Gorsa haala fayya

Waldhansa Hadurree

Tajaajila Fayya

kunuunsa foya'a keenufi

Gorsa haala fayya

Wal-Dhansa Fardeeni

Tajaajila Fayya

kunuunsa foya'a keenufi

Gorsa haala fayya

Wal-dhansa Gaalaa

Tajaajila Fayya

kunuunsa foya'a keenufi

Gorsa haala fayya

Tajaajilota Kenyaa

Waldhansa ogeessa fayya tora bilbillan

Tajaajila ogeessa fayya affan keesaniin...

Softwarii Fayalotiin tajaajila ogeessaa fayya

kunuunsa maamilakeenyaf
rakkon maamila kenyaa rakko kenyaa

Fayalo Veterinary Software services

poultry management & Monitoring practices should be maintained always.

Biosecurity refers to procedures used to prevent the introduction and spread of disease-causing organisms in poultry flocks.
Because of the concentration in size and location of poultry flocks in production operations and the inherent disease risks associated with this type of production, it is imperative that poultry producers practice daily biosecurity measures.
Developing and practicing daily biosecurity procedures as best management practices on poultry farms will reduce the possibility of introducing infectious diseases.
  Good bio-security practices should be maintained always.
Visitors should be restricted to enter the farm and those that are necessary should be provided with clean boots and overalls.
Avoid wearing of the same clothes and shoes in the farm and outside the farm.
Fencing is maintained to prevent losses to predators.
Water bath is Provided in every entrance as well as every poultry house.
People working in the houses always lock the doors when they leave to prevent entrance of predators.

Before arrival of the new flock, all house facilities are prepared by  Dry cleaning = removing all litter and manure.
 Wet cleaning = washing inner and outside surrounding of houses by high Pressure washer machine.
 Disinfection = the inner and outside surrounding of both houses by Sodium hypo chlorate and Caustic soda using high pressure washer machine.
Poultry feed must provide the chicks with energy requirements (fats and carbohydrates) body building and maintenance (proteins and minerals) and requirements for body function (minerals, trace elements or vitamin) to ensure maintenance of life and the synthesis of organic substances. Besides, water is a main ingredient of the chicks’ daily ration.
Regardless of which type of feeding system is used, feeding space is absolutely critical. If feeder space is insufficient, growth rates will be reduced and uniformity severely compromised. Feed distribution and the proximity of the feeder to the chicks are key to achieving target feed consumption rates.
All feeder systems should be calibrated to allow for sufficient feed volume with minimal waste. 12gm of starter feed is given per day per chick for day old chicks and the increased every week by 3 to 5 gm if there is no refusal the added amount will then be higher.

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